What to do if the person is avoiding service. Avoiding process service in Arizona only prolongs the inevitable and irritates the Judge. It is better to receive the service and get in front of the issue drawing you into court. Avoiding service will not make the problem go away, it makes the problem worse.

Avoiding process service

Is your defendant avoiding process service?

The best ways to keep your defendant from avoiding process service is to keep that fact to yourself until after they are served. When some people find out they are going to be served they will hide. If at all possible try not to let them know the service is coming.

If you find yourself in the position where they are avoiding process service, there are things your process server can do to help. This is where having an experienced and professional process server makes all the difference. When it comes to process service for a difficult service you truly get what you pay for. Cheaper companies will run by the required 4 times and have unsuccessful service.

Reputable companies with trained and licensed investigators and process servers, like Desert City Services, know all the tricks of the trade and have a higher success rate for those hard to serve cases. Do your homework and find an established process service company with a high service success rate. Recently Desert City Investigative and Professional Services was able to serve a defendant who had been avoiding service for over a year but we got him on the first day. Give Desert City Services a call if you would like to discuss what we can do for you.