5 Day Notice - 30 Day Notice

Your business is too important to leave its future to chance. You need to know that everything is running smoothly; and in today’s business climate, there’s simply no room for errors. So if you’re looking for corporate investigation services in Arizona, let us gather the information you need to make smart decisions about your business.

Our Landlord Services investigative and process service staff offers a full range of services for Landlords like you, including:

  • 5 Day Notices

  • 30 Day Notices

  • Forcible Detainer

  • Special Detainer

  • Eviction Process Server

  • Pre-Tenant Background Check Services

  • Post Tenant Location Services

  • Fast Efficient Process Service

Our goal is to provide the information and support you need in a thorough, concise, and efficient fashion. And as a client, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Professional team
  • Reasonable rates
  • Discounts offered for established clients with ongoing relationship

For more information about our Landlord Services or to schedule a consultation, call us today.